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Its our immense pleasure to introduce Bismillah Metal Impex (Pvt) Ltd, Gujranwala as a major manufacturer of Aluminum Ingots and Aluminum Alloys in Pakistan.

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Committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalising their experiences.

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Our strong sense of identification with client projects means that we are constantly striving.

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They aren’t yet aware. we adopt progressive approach to technology and marketing techniques.

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This sense of identification also means we value and promote seamless interaction.

Executive Chairman's Message

Thank you for visiting the website of Bismillah Metal Impex (Private) Limited.

We are now approaching the mid of 2023, and it has been a challenging year for the recycling industry. The eco-political climate around the globe has been erratic and it is a period in time in which organizations are continually required to be alert, intuitive and proactive. The Group continues to take further measures into strengthening its core, and fortifying itself against future scenarios.

After the successful transfer of the family business to the third generation, it gives me immense pleasure to inform that the business is now entirely managed by the third generation of the family structured through independent strategic business units. The first generation continues to provide valuable guidance and mentorship to these young leaders of the family for each of their business entities.

In line with the strategic Plan, we continue to actively participate in helping spread the message of recycling, continue to participate in local recycling campaigns and educate students through awareness programs and tours of the recycling process at our facilities.

To our employees, vendors, suppliers, and customers, we thank you for your continual support to Bismillah Metal Impex (Private) limited, and wish you the very best.

Mr. Abdul Latif

We have an experience in supplying mainly Aluminum Alloys ADC-12, LM-6, LM13, LM24, HD2BS1, HS1S, HD1.1, HD4, HD2G, A1Si12Cu, A199.5% and special alloys according to chemical specifications or composition given by our customers.READ MORE
B.M.I has strictly control Quality Assurance and Quality control standards through oiut the process from raw material to finished products before delivery to customers.Control of chemical composition & quality assurance we have Advanced CCD…READ MORE
Present production capacity of 1000Tones per month of Aluminum ingots and alloys with different compositions. The full range of aluminum alloys is produced according to international specifications and customer’s specific requirements.READ MORE